Tuesday, 12 June 2012


AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome. It is the name of a deadly disease that destroys the immunity system of a person and leads hum to sure death. The virus causing AIDS is known as HIV – Human immune Deficiency Virus. AIDS became a clinic disease in 1981in USA. There are nearly five million AIDS parents throughout the world. It is still an incurable disease. Hectic efforts to find a remedy for it are afoot. Without proper blood tests, to is difficult to diagnose it because its say melons are confused with weight loss, night sweats, profound fatigue, anemia, skin rashes, tumor, episodes of fever, pneumonia, etc. This deadly disease is spreading like a bush-fir throughout the world particularly in those countries here free sex is common. Pakistan is also not free from AIDS. The official count of AIDS- parents in Pakistan lies at 5000 and an estimated twenty to thirty thousand. Unless checked on war-footing the situation will become even worse.
Many factors contribute to AIDS First it is the result of sexual intercourse with the affected person male or female. Secondly sharing of contaminates and affected needles roars and other such instruments cause AIDS. Thirdly it is acquired by receiving affected blood or blood –product. Fourthly affected mothers nay pass the virus on to their babies. Besides prostitution homo-sexuality extra-marital relations pollution of mind detachment from religion and morality etc all limits of morality.
No doubt out sincere return to religion morality and piety can save us from a menace like AIDS because the solution to all our ills lies in religion  


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