Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Value of Computer or And The Modern World

 A computer is an electronic device that solves problems by processing data according to instructions. The world computer has been derived from the Latin word computer which means to reckon up. Lightning speed superb accuracy high reliability unmatched integrity etc are some of the characteristics of a computer which have made its application so pervasive. There is hardly any field of human activity where it is not used. It has revolutionized knowledge and information processing system. Knowledge is power and so the chip has become a mighty thing.
The tireless and marvelous machine man’s wonderful brain child can perform a number of complicated calculations instantly. A computer can execute over a million instructions per second and that too as many times as you like and without any mistake. Computer has helped in overcoming many difficult problems of multiple calculations scientific data processing record keeping and industrial complications. It has proves a matchless friend and servant of science technology and industry. The applications of computers are many. They are used on almost all spheres of life. In the field of engineering it is helping a lot. It helps in designing the building structures finding the correct and effective material mixtures and safety measures for earthquake and sound proof rooms.
The new technologies such as Multi Media bring text images graphics audio video animation to educate and entertain the public. On computers we can play cards chess snooker tennis etc. Computer has brought about a revolution in the field of travel by the automation of travel airplanes and reservations. Computer are helping the travelers by navigating ships flying airplanes weather predictions scheduling booking ticketing and traffic controlling. The fear the one day computers would replace human mind intelligence which always depends on human consciousness computer is machine a product of human intelligence and operation. We may say that computer is the magician of this age.


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