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Burj-al-Arab is the most fabulous hotel located in the biggest city of U.A.E [United Arab Emirates] Dubai. Burj-al-Arab has the honors to be the first 5 star hotel in the world. It is the tallest hotel of the world with 321 meters [1053 feet] tall. It is located on an artificial island which is 280 meters [919 feet] for a part from the Jamira shore or coast of Dubai. It is with Dubai through a bridge.
History & Design
Burj-al-Arab is designed by w.s Atechins PLC Time Right. The construction of Burj-al-Arab was started on 1994 and first time it was opened for tourists in 1st December 1999. The internal decoration of this hotel was designed by a international principal khwan chapu.
Most Expensive Hotel of the World
Burj-al-Arab is one of the most expensive hotel of the world. It has to spend minimum 10000 dollars and maximum 150000 dollars for one night.
Royal suit hotel is most expensive hotel then others. It has to pay 28000 dollars for spend a night in this hotel. The amount which is spend on the construction of hotel and its decoration never by shown.
Characteristics & Honor
There is a Restaurant in this hotel is known as Almuhara which is situated under the ocean.
We can see marine creature along with food for this purpose the tank design contained 35000 cubic feet. This tank is made of flexi glass for getting a clear view the thickness of this glass is 17.5 inch.
At night time a well furnished lightening system available out side the hotel we that they show different view of ocean.
Burj-al-Arab was one of the tallest five star hotel in the world and its height s more than one thousand feet.
In March 2004 the most popular player of Golf Tiger woods hits some shots from the tearis and the balls were drop in the pacific ocean.


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