Monday, 11 June 2012

Mobile Phone

                                                                       MOBILE PHONE                                                                                                                                                                                           Mobile phone is comparatively a new addition to the already present gadgets for communication like telephone, telegraph, wireless, etc. But in a short span of time, It is getting indispensable commodity throughout the world. Like other countries of the world, it is getting popular in Pakistan day by day. Now more and more Pakistan is are using mobile phones. With the sheer rise of competition among the cellular companies, the service rates are falling down day by day and it is being predicated that by 2007, the number of subscribers will be five million is Pakistan. At present, four companies namely Mobilink, Insta, Paktel, Warid, and U-Phone are in the race while some new companies are in the offing. Latest models of mobile phones in different sizes and colure and with ever increasing functions and facilities arrive in the marker day in and day out. No doubt, present age may be called the mobile age.
In the present age of fast communication, mobile phone has totally become indispensable. Its proper and aide is no less than a blessing for us. Its ever improving services are attracting and forcing people to buy it no doubt, mobile phone and its services are expensive in Pakistan. But it is hopes that with become cheap and affordable for everyone. The government should set up mobile manufacturing units in the country to provide low-cost but durable and latest mobile sets. It should also try to assure low rate but better mobile service in the country. 


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