Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bomb Blasts In Pakistan

                                          BOMB BLASTS IN PAKISTAN
rocked the whole country. These successive blasts have caused a heavy loss of life and property. The terrorists are targeting public places as well as certain personalities. The whole administration seems totally helpless in this regard.
There are many factors behind these bomb blasts in the country. First of all foreign hand seems. Involved in these blasts. We are paying heavy price for supporting the Kashmir cause and the war against terrorism. Agents of RAW commit acts of terrorism to teach Pakistan a tough lesson for supporting the Kashmir cause. Similarly KHAD and MOSSAD are busy in destabilizing Pakistan second. Anti Islam and anti-Pakistan elements commit cowardly acts like bomb blasts. Out nuclear program and economic progress are an eye-sore for them. Third frustrated and discarded elements like certain ethnic political and sectarian groups are also suspected giving a finger in the pie. Fourth our concerned law and order agencies have miserably failed to check acts of terrorism our to the it corruption inefficiency ,is managements poor training in vigilance political involvement lack of professionalism and want of seems of duty. No less important factor is the carelessness and ignorance on the pat of the general public. Almost none of us adopts any precautionary measures to avoid such bomb blasts.
Proper measures should be taken to check further bomb blasts in the country. The concerned agencies must be extra vigilant efficient watchful and professional. The arrested culprits should be given exemplary punishments. The must be hanged publicly. The government should keep a strict watch on the unwanted and anti-state parties and elements. Infiltration from across the borders must be should not compromise out honor prestige integrity and principled stand on Kashmir. We should also promote an atmosphere of peace amity brotherhood sacrifice justice equality unity and consensus in the country. Then we should adopt all possible precautionary measures to check such bomb blasts. No doubt such measures will help us a great deal incubating such type of terrorism.



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