Monday, 11 June 2012

Careers For Women

                                                            CAREERS FOR WOMEN
In the past women were not considered equal to men ton any field of life. They were treated like slaves. Their main profession was to obey and entertain their husbands. But now the situation has entirely changed. Women have become conscious of their duties rights and privileges. They have started taking part in almost every field of life.
Education may be a luxury to a few fortunate women but to an average middle class woman education is means of earning her livelihood. Woman has realized that she is a burden on her parents during the days of her youth. Then this burden Is thrown on the shoulders of her husband. In her old age she is a burden on her son or on his wife. So she gets education with a view to leading an independent life. There are many professions which can be adopted by the girls.
Advertising is an attractive career for girls with imagination. Advertising pays as much as certain other jobs. Girls with attractive and charming personality have already occupied the screen of T.V. to display and advertise the products of different companies. Women can become newscasters also. They can be trained in this respect.


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