Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kashmir Problem

                                                               KASHMIR PROBLEM
Human rights have been recognized by the United Nations Organization and big powers of the world. But there are still some countries which are deprived of their basic human rights. They are still being crushed by the imperialistic rulers. They are facing violence injustice and cruelty. Kashmir is one of them. The English rulers sold the state of Kashmir to Gulab Singh, Dogra Sardar, for a very small amount first the people of Kashmir were subjected to untold miseries by the Dogra and afterwards by the Indian armies. Pakistan has been trying to solve the issue in a peaceful manner but all her efforts proved futile.
In 1948, the oppressed Kashmir is revolted against the Dogra tyranny and with the help of Pakistani people they
Succeeded in liberating a part of their motherland. This liberated part is called Azad Kashmir. India took this issue to U.N.O. The United Nations Organization adopted a resolution guaranteeing supported her and plebiscite could not be held up to his day       


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