Tuesday, 12 June 2012



 Corruption is a word wide evil. It is a deep rooted evil that has eaten into the vitals of society and made mincemeat of morality truth and virtue corruption means dishonest practices. It has permeated through social economic political and religious spheres of life. Like the air we breathe it has become all pervasive and entered every field of life.
Corruption is the mother of all evils. Favoritism and nepotism have taken deep roots Misappropriation of public money bad debts and misuse of powers are on the increase. Corruption has gained roots in our society because of the corruption have completely failed in their mission.
Trade commerce and industry government and private institutions religion an politics are all in the grip of corruption. It has also infected hospitals educational institutions and courts of justice. Prevalence of corruption has created disappointment and discontent among the people.
The distinction between right and wrong is disappearing Pakistan is suffering from the evil of corruption. There are many factors that are responsible for corruption.
General economic condition of our country is very poor. Everyone wants to become a rich person within one night. The standard of life is rising. Everyone wants to have all facilities of modern life high prices of things of dally  use have broken the back of a common man. In order to  realize the dreams of a high standard of life he tries to collect money by fair or foul means. The salaries of government servants re very small. They find it very difficult to meet their expenses with their small income. Therefore they are tempted to accept bribe.
In order to uproot corruption from our society a complete change of social economic and political system of necessary. There must be some strong system of accountability. Exemplary punishments must be given to the defaulters without any exemption. The salaries of the government servants should be raised to a reasonable level so that they may live honorably. Merit policy should be observed strictly. The motive of corruption must be removed. Wide discretionary powers should be taken away from individual officials. The anti corruption department should be made more effective. In short we can purge our society of corruption if we follow the teachings of Islam 


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