Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Basant Festival

                                                            BASANT FESTIVAL
In almost all the countries of the world. Spring season is greeted and celebrated with unusual pomp and show. The spring fair of Iran is well-known all over the world. Like other countries of the world people of Pakistan also greet and celebrate the arrival of spring in the from of Basant with unique fervor and zeal now a days. Now there are officially encouraged sponsored and patronized Basant festivals in every city and town of the country.
Historically, Basant was first celebrated in 1764 as a Hindu festival. One Haqiqat Rai a Hindu was given capital punishment for making some bitter remarks about the holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family. After the fall of the Muslims at the hands of the Sikhs in the Punjab the same haqiqat Rai became a Hindu Martyr. The Hindus put on Basant dress and commemorated his death day today historical background has gone into oblivion. Now Basant is simply a welcome occasion for the spring people seem bound to celebrate spring they claim. Aya Basant, Pala urrant
Basant approaches winter recedes. Unmindful of religious aspect people of Pakistan have great passion for spring. There are social gatherings and cultural shows in the form of Basant Festival in every city and town of the country. There is a lot of entertainment and enjoyment around. But Basant is enthusiastically welcomed and celebrated with kite-flying. Now Basant is synonymous with kite-flying in Pakistan. On the same appointed day people fly kites for the whole night and the proceeding day. Parties are arranged. Feasts are served. There is the loud noise of crackers fire-works gun-firing loud-music drum beating and Bo Kata around.


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