Sunday, 10 June 2012

Drug Addiction


                                                               DRUG ADDICTION
Drug addiction is the greatest menace of modern times. It is posing the biggest threat to all levels of human life all over the world. Drug or narcotics means all those things that produce a state of numbness or sleepiness. Unfortunately more and more people are taking to narcotics like, Heroin, Chars, Hashish alcohol sleeping pills, etc. Particularly the number of Heroin addicts now runs into millions.
Pakistan has never been free from traditional drugs like opium, alcohol, etc. In spite of a total ban, the addicts get them by hook or by crook. These drugs did not pose any great danger in the past. But with heroin the situation has become very alarming. According to the latest survey there are six million heroin addicts in the country. The situation is very precarious and calls for immediate attention and prompt action.
Drug addiction is full of many disadvantages. First, it destroys a person physically, mentally, morally and spiritually. It being a great villain, cuts the ground under the villain cuts the ground under the victim’s feat, Secondly it deprives a person of his honor and prestige. People abuse curse and boycott him. They make a butt of ridicule and a laughing stock by calling him jahaz, Thirdly addiction gives birth to all sorts of crimes like borrowing begging stealing robbery and prostitution. Fourthly drug mafia kill people create disturbance disrupt economy black-mail the government and commit other acts of terrorism for the promotion of their unholy business. Fifthly drug addiction deprives a country and nation of its status and prestige in the eyes of other countries and nations. In short as drug addiction thrives the society begins moving towards destruction. It is very necessary to curb every form of drug abuse.


saulk ane said...

Drug abuse destroys lives, not just physically, but emotionally and socially as well. Often times an individual will look like a skeleton of their once former self from drug abuse. Drug Intervention

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