Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Use of Science In Modern Life or Science In The Service of Man

If a man who lived a hundred years ago could be brought back into the scene of modern life he would feel stunned overwhelmed. He would feel like a fish out of water he would feel ill at ease. Times have changed sp fast that very few people have been able to keep track of them. Different phases have melted into one another. The real modern age began with the invention of steam. Then the invention of the use of electricity took the world a few steps further. And today we cannot dream of living our daily life without the latest gifts and help of science. Apart from the common things which we use every moment of our lives science has given us many invaluable gifts. We write with the fountain pen we have a telephone we have a motor car to take us to sixty kilometers in fifteen if we have the courage to go that fast and there if the aero plane that sweeps the sky faster than sound travels. These are the wonders of science and we use them every moment of our life.
But if we take look at the great progress that science has made in the field of health we are taken aback. New medicines and injections have been invented for the control and cure of various diseases. Even most dangerous diseases like T.B, cancer Plaque etc have been brought under control through the use of wonderful drugs given be science.
There id nothing that science may not do in future. Perhaps a day will soon come when man will not have to use his hand to lift his food to his mouth. Perhaps some scientific gadget will so it for him. There are thousands of synthetic products which have been invited during the past few years. They make the use of the natural and original things almost unnecessary. We are getting even synthetic rive and scientific sugar. What more can we expect of science? But all countries have not made equal progress in the field of science. Developing countries have been struggling to march along the path of science but there are many difficulties in the way and the greatest difficulty is want of money and material resources. So it should be the normal duty of the countries that have made great progress in science to come to the help of poor developing countries. When all nation of the world learn to help one another and live together the aims of science will be fulfilled.


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