Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nuclear Pakistan

                                                            NUCLEAR PAKISTAN
With the grace of Allah, Pakistan became a nuclear power on May 28 1998. Thanks to the nuclear explosion of  India on May 11,1998. Pakistan is the first Muslim country that has achieved this capability. Pakistan was forced to become a nuclear power for its very survival in the teeth of hegemonic nuclear India. Bo doubt, we have achieved a reliable deterrent in the form nuclear weapons to check any evil designs against Pakistan.
There are many advantages of our becoming a nuclear power. First, we have succeeded in restoring the disturbed military balance between India and Pakistan. Second, we have achieved a reliable deterrent against a foreign danger. We cannot match India in conventional weapons. So, a nuclear deterrent will prove very effective. Third we have checked the India aggressive and hegemonic designs against Pakistan. Furth, it has created a sense of self-reliance in us. Now we need not run from pillar to post to seek military aid from ferine monopolists. Fifth, it has earned a respectable status for Pakistan particularly in the eyes o the Islamic world. Above all, it has forced adamant India to come to the dialogue-table to solve all core issues including Kashmir through dialogues.
The world has already found Pakistan responsible state. No doubt a responsible nuclear Pakistan can play an important role in maintaining and promoting peace progress prosperity and stability in the whole world.  


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