Monday, 11 June 2012

Prepare A Square Bar

                   Prepare a Square Bar
First of all clean and lubricate the milling machine.
Moves cross slide towards the column and stop it nearest position.
Clamp the specimen between the vice jaws of appropriate height over the strips.
Remove arbor-support from over arm with great care.
Adjust milling cutter nearest the column face with the help of spacing collar.
During the adjustment of milling cutter decides that the direction of milling cutter (cutting teeth) towards the fix jaw.
Clamp arbor support nearest the cutter.
Measure the diameter of cutter and calculate R.P.M by using this formula…..!
R.P.M= C.S*1000/3.1416
Calculate the feed rate by using this formula given below
Feed Rate=R.P.M*No of teeth*Feed per tooth
Set the specimen for up milling
To take the depth of cut starts machine and keep a paper between running cutter
When paper slip away then stop the movement of machine table
To take the possible depth of cuts use the feed handle after this start coolant
Start machining the first side with fix jaws of vice and complete the planning of second side
Repeats this process unit the required size is obtained
Clamp specimen in vertical position at right angle accurately
Plain both sides of specimen and obtained required length using low depth of cut
Remove all the burrs by filling
Clean up all the machine and return back tool
Switch off all the machine control.


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