Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Misuse of The Discoveries of Science


                                              THE MISUSE OF THE DISCOVERIES OF SCIENCE
The fairy tales of science are a wonder of wonders yet we see them around us. They are woven into the texture of our life. On it positive and creative side the list of its benefactions is difficult to make. Science has presented us with so many pleasures amenities and comforts which add charm and variety to life. It has reduced human affliction and suffering through a variety of inventions and discoveries. The cinema the radio the television the computer the internet system the railways the puffing luxury liner the streamlined automobiles the airlines all these are the gifts of science. It has opened regions which were hitherto a sealed book. We have plumbed the ocean flown over the Everest ransacked the nature and despoiled her of her secrets which have contributed to the tremendous progress of the world. The crowning achievement of science is how ever the release of atomic energy. This energy has enormous industrial and commercial potentialities.
Science thus misused by unscrupulous men without conscience is our bane Science in itself is a noble pursuit but it is the ape and tiger in man the beast in him that uses it for his sinister end and makes it ignoble. The real danger therefore does not come from the atom and hydrogen bombs but from this wickedness in man. To this monstrous train of science rushing full speed we have to apply the brake of morality. We must apply the brake or we shall crash and perish. The need for mankind of it is to serve is to go back to the supremacy of the moral law and take the path of self conquest. If this spirit could dominate the activities of science its abuse and misuse and the horrors that stalk in their wake will be heard no more and the world will become a suitable place to live in.


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