Sunday, 10 June 2012

Information Technology In Pakistan

                                                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN PAKISTAN
In formation technology is one of the miraculous achievements of modern. In a very short span of time, man has reached the zenith of progress in IT. Now IT is involved in almost all the fields of man’s life. The main components of IT include Information, System, Internet technology, Computer, software and hardware aspects of computer industry, etc
Information Technology is a buzz-word these days in Pakistan. It has received warm response from all walks of life in the country. It is the top priority of the government. Though belated the government has set up a University of IT and many IT departments throughout the country. To promote software exports, the government has announced a number of incentives. It has formulated a proper IT policy and Action Plan. The world community has already appreciated Pakistan’s   achievements in the field of IT. As Pakistan has a strong manpower on this field, a bright future is awaiting Pakistan.
Pakistan must be well-awake to reap the advantages that IT Offers. First, it must expand and modernize further IT infra structure in the country. Secondly, it must popularize Internet by increasing access to it at low rates. This will promote the, use of IT particularly in education, commerce and communication. Thirdly, maximum IT personnel should be trained and the trained ones should be offered attractive incentives. Besides, all gadgets concerning IT should be made available at low price.
No doubt, IT holds the key not only to success but also to face the daring   challenges of the 21st century. Pakistan shall have to work hard to promote IT culture in the country. We hope that the future of IT is bright in Pakistan.


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